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the story of h2ops...


Our company was founded by Paul Tecker who is a long-time home brewer, craft beer enthusiast and self-proclaimed hop aficionado. He believes that the amazing flavor of hops shouldn't be limited to craft beer and became intent on creating the ultimate sparkling hop water.  

After many years researching hop varieties and experimenting with brewing techniques, Paul found his winning recipe - one that showcased the elegant and complex flavors from Northwest aroma hops.

With the generous help of two talented brewers in the Southern California craft beer community, Paul was able to scale up his recipe. 

You can now find our H2OPS sparkling hop water in select breweries and craft beer retailers throughout the West.

The hoppy goodness of H2OPS sparkling hop water begins with the quality of hops we choose.

There are over 100 varieties of hops and all have different flavor characteristics.  Selecting the best quality hops and the right varieties is one of the most critical things we do.

Importantly, behind every hop is a hop farmer and these talented and hardworking folks are our heroes. 

Each September, we travel to the sunny Yakima valley to meet personally and select our varieties. This is our favorite time of year.