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H2OPS was founded in 2014 by Paul Tecker, who is a long-time home brewer, craft beer enthusiast and proponent of healthy food and beverages. He believes that the amazing flavor of hops shouldn't be limited to craft beer.

Inspiration struck while smelling some fresh hops he was growing in his back yard. After experimenting with brewing techniques and different hop varieties over several years, Paul found his winning recipe - one that showcased the elegant and complex flavors from Northwest aroma hops without strong bitterness.

After sampling his hop water at craft beer festivals and hearing from early customers, he discovered that H2OPS is a game changer and social reawakening for those who have stopped consuming alcohol. Its also a great way for craft beer fans to moderate or just enjoy the amazing flavor of hops on more occasions.  

Today you can find our H2OPS sparkling hop water in craft beer retailers and natural food stores throughout the United States.