NPR's Podcast "How I Built This"


This week, our founder Paul Tecker was interviewed by Guy Raz on NPR's podcast "How I Built This". As a huge fan, Paul was genuinely honored to be invited to tell his story. Paul explained that for over 20 years, he's worked in the beverage while also brewing craft beer as a hobby. While working out of his kitchen, he experimented with different kinds of hops, especially the “aroma hops” that bring subtle grapefruit, citrus and pine flavors to craft brew. He started to wonder, “why do you need to have something alcoholic in order to enjoy the taste of hops?”—so he set out to create a sparkling water flavored with hops. He tested it out at a beer festival and got rave reviews, and is now selling his beverage, H2OPS, at a number of stores, bars and restaurants in Southern California. Listen to Paul's story of how he built H2OPS Hop Water in the latest episode of “How You Built That”

Angie Fernandes