Beverage Innovation of the Year Awarded to H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water

H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water

When one sees the word “hops,” craft beer most likely comes top of mind. However, as the beer market experiences marginal growth and the bottled water market continues to flourish, Paul Tecker, founder of H2OPS LLC, Anaheim, Calif., saw an opportunity to combine the two, thereby creating something that the beverage market hadn’t seen before.

H2OPS is an unsweetened, IPA-inspired, hop-flavored sparkling water, which contains no alcohol or calories in each 355-ml glass bottle.

“The inspiration came out of a love of craft beer and the craft culture with its emphasis on innovation, flavor and quality natural ingredients,” Tecker says. “It was after brewing a batch with these intensely aromatic freshly picked hops that the inspiration hit me for a sparkling hop water. After two years of brewing trials and testing with friends, we were convinced we were onto something big and launched H2OPS at a California beer festival.”

Consumers have had positive reactions to the new product category, Tecker notes. “The future is exciting,” he says. “We plan to grow the H2OPS brand as a viable independent company, but may consider partnering with a larger company that has a strong sales and distribution network.”

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Paul Tecker
Liquid Diet: My Day of Drinks

“Late in the day, I was hun­gry, drained and feel­ing meta­bolic whiplash from my bev­er­age roller coaster. I opened a bot­tle of H2OPS, non­al­co­holic wa­ter made with hops. It tasted rather like a pale ale; I would drink this at a bar.”

Paul Tecker
NPR's Podcast "How I Built This"

This week, our founder Paul Tecker was interviewed by Guy Raz on NPR's podcast "How I Built This". As a huge fan, Paul was genuinely honored to be invited to tell his story. Paul explained that for over 20 years, he's worked in the beverage while also brewing craft beer as a hobby. While working out of his kitchen, he experimented with different kinds of hops, especially the “aroma hops” that bring subtle grapefruit, citrus and pine flavors to craft brew. He started to wonder, “why do you need to have something alcoholic in order to enjoy the taste of hops?”—so he set out to create a sparkling water flavored with hops. He tested it out at a beer festival and got rave reviews, and is now selling his beverage, H2OPS, at a number of stores, bars and restaurants in Southern California. Listen to Paul's story of how he built H2OPS Hop Water in the latest episode of “How You Built That”

Angie Fernandes
Visiting Yakima Valley - Home of the Hops

2016 was a record setting year for the hop harvest for the Pacific Northwest. We visited the Yakima Valley during the harvest where we attended hop school and visited a number of hop farms. We were so impressed were blown away by the by the high quality of this year's yield. #bumpercrop #hops #craftbeer#hopharvest2016.

Angie Fernandes

We love celebrating all things hop-related and were happy to be included in the Hoptoberfest feature of Nugget Markets' Field Guide Magazine. Thanks for helping to spread the word about our craft-brewed sparkling hop water.  

Angie Fernandes